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Strawberry Shortcake

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

I don't usually make cream cake but sometimes it can be lots of fun since my husband is a big fan of it. It took me forever to find ways to make light and fluffy sponge cake that do not brown too much and stays light in colour and I finally found one years ago that makes this strawberry short cake absolutely gorgeous, and I have been sticking to this sponge recipe over and over and it never disappoints. :)

If you want to learn more about making the lightest and most delicious basic vanilla sponge cake, click here for my "Basic Vanilla Sponge" recipe and guidelines.

The cream used for icing this shortcake uses Coverture White Chocolate for more stability and because it substitutes sugar for sweetness, it gives a more creamy finish. If you love strawberry shortcake as much as my husband does, this recipe is a keeper and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



Equipment: 18 cm round cake pan

Yield: 1x assembled cake

Sponge Cake

Note: For a video summary on how to prepare the sponge, visit my post on "Basic Vanilla Sponge"

4 Egg Whites (approx. 120 g)

1 Tsp. Cream of Tartar

100 g Caster Sugar

4 Egg Yolks (approx. 80 g)

120 g Cake Flour

2 g Salt

40 g Full/Whole Milk

30 gr Melted Butter

1 tsp. Vanilla Bean Paste

White chocolate Whip Cream

450 g Whipping cream 35% Fat

150 g White chocolate

70 g Cream (B)

1½ Vanilla bean paste

Soaking syrup

75 g Water

75 g Caster Sugar

40 g Slice strawberries


2 punnets Fresh Strawberries

Qs. Freeze Dried Strawberry chips (optional)



For the Sponge Cake


1. Line the 18 cm baking tin with parchment paper on the bottom. Do not grease the side of the pan as this can cause the cake to slide towards the centre during baking.

Pre heat the oven to 150 °C.

2. Place the room temperature egg whites into a stand mixer bowl fitted with a whisk attachment. Add in the cream of tartar and whisk over medium speed until the egg whites are foamy and there are not runny bits left. Gradually add in the sugar a little at a time. Once all the sugar has been added, increase the speed to high until the meringue reaches stiff peak or until the meringue looks shiny and when you scoop some of the meringue with the whisk, it holds its shape without falling back into the bowl.

Add in the yolks at all once to the meringue and whisk until just combined without deflating too much of the air in the meringue.

3. Remove the bowl from the mixer. Sift in the dry ingredients in 3 additions and gently folding it through the meringue with the help of a rubber spatula.

4. Mix the cooled melted butter and milk together in a bowl, place a few generous scoop of the sponge batter into it and gently mix to bring it to a similar consistency as the batter then add in the butter mixture back in to the batter and gently fold again until well incorporated.

Note: It is important that you do not over mix the batter too much as this can cause it to deflate and lose its volume.

5. Transfer the cake batter into the prepared cake tin and place it over a deep tray. Pour boiling hot water until 1/2 way into the tray. Carefully place the baking tray into the oven and bake the cake in the pre heated oven at 150°C for 15 minutes then reduce the temperature to 130°C and bake for a further 45 minutes or when gently touched, the top feels firm. Carefully remove the tray from the oven and remove the cake tin from the water bath.

Allow the sponge cake to fully cool before removing from the tin. As it cools it will start to pull away from the side of the tin. Set the sponge aside ready to assembly


For the Soaking Syrup

Place all the ingredients into a saucepan and bring to a boil until the sugar have fully dissolved. Set the soaking syrup aside until ready to use.


For the White Chocolate Cream

Place the whipping cream (B) in a saucepan and bring it to a mere simmer. Place the vanilla bean paste together with the white chocolate into the hot cream and gently stir with a whisk until all the chocolates have fully melted. Set aside and allow for it to cool to below 35°C. Whip cream (A) until it reaches a pipeable consistency. Add in the cooled white chocolate ganache and whisk quickly until just incorporated.


When adding the cooled chocolate mixture, you want to ensure that the chocolate mix is not warm that can melt the whipped cream and only to whisk the two mixture together until just combined in a small time to prevent overmixing which can cause the cream to split. If you accidentally over whip the cream and they start to split a little, simply add a small amount of cold un whipped cream in to the cream mix and then fold it through gently to bring it back to a smooth consistency.



Trim off the dome top of the sponge then divide the sponge into 3 equal potion vertically.

Place the first portion of sponge on to a tray, brush the cake generously with some soaking syrup. Place an amount of cream enough to cover the top of the cake with the white chocolate cream then spread it evenly to cover the cake. Line with the halved strawberries then top with more cream to fully cover the strawberries. Place the second cake on top and press to even then continue the same process . Place the last piece of cake on top then coat the top and side of the cake with the rest of the cream leaving some excess for the piping on top (optional).

Decorate with fresh strawberries and freeze dried strawberries. Place the cake in the fridge to allow the cream to firm up slightly then cut and serve!




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