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Korean Cream Cheese Buns with Three cheese and Garlic Herb Butter

Updated: Nov 3, 2020



Makes 8 roll (For lesser rolls, make half the recipes for 4 rolls)

Tang Zhong

Full cream milk 150 g

Bakers Flour 30 g

(1:5 Ratio)


Place the milk and flour into a pot over medium heat. Cook the mixture while constantly whisking until it starts to thicken and form in to a paste. This is the Tang Zhong. Transfer the Tang Zhong in to a bowl, wrap with cling film to avoid drying out and let cool. You can place them in the fridge to expedite the process.

If you want to learn more about what a Tang Zhong is, check out my post on "Soft Coffee Roll"

Final Bread Dough

Bread Flour 450 g 79% (+TZ)

Cake Flour 90 g 15.6% (+TZ)

Castor Sugar 75 g 13%

Salt 7 g 1.2%

Full Cream Milk 240 g 68% (+TZ)

Instant Yeast 5g 0.8%

Tang Zhong Above Recipe



1. Warm up the milk in the microwave until it reaches 30◦C. Stir in the 10 g of sugar from the recipe and the instant yeast. Leave at room temperature until the surface starts to turn frothy.

Place all the ingredients with the remaining 65 g sugar, cooled Tang Zhong and yeast sponge into a stand mixer bowl with a dough hook attachment making sure that the yeast is away from direct contact with the salt.

2. Start mixing on low speed for 4 minutes until the mix forms in to a dough. Scrape down the bottom of the bowl and keep mixing further at low speed for roughly around 10 minutes. Alternatively, do a window test to check for gluten development.

Note: I am using a standard kitchen aid mixer bowl and mixing at a higher speed is not going to work with the capacity of the recipe. If you are using a larger mixer bowl, you can increase the speed after the first 4 minutes at low speed for a shorter amount of time. It is always best to gauge the readiness of your dough with a window test.

3. Once the dough is ready, transfer into a lightly oiled bowl large enough for the dough to double in size, cover with a damp tea towel and leave to bulk ferment or double in size. This should take roughly around 45 minutes to an hour depending on the ambient of your kitchen. Sometimes it can take longer on a colder day.

Note: To check if the dough is ready, gently press down with your finger tip. The indent that you have created should very slowly and gradually bounces back. If it bounces back too quickly, you need to leave it to proof further. However, if it does not bounce back at all, you may have over proofed the dough. It is best to check your dough in the 30 minutes mark onwards.

4. Once the dough have doubled in size and is ready, divide the dough in to 8 x 120 individual roll.


Cream Cheese fillings

300g Unsalted Butter (Reserve some for brushing)

8 g Salt

30 g Parsley & Coriander (finely chopped)

120 g Chopped Garlic

500g Cream Cheese

qs. Gruyere Cheese

qs. Mozzarella Cheese

qs. Jarlsberg

qs. Pepper


1. Melt butter and add in the salt, chopped herbs and garlic. Set aside until ready to use over a warm water bath to keep the butter from setting.

2. Cut from the top of each roll 2/3 of the way, not entirely cutting through the whole roll.

3. With the extra melted butter, brush the inside of the pre-cut rolls to saturate them with butter.

4. Pipe a dot of cream cheese on each segment, stuff cheese on each cavity, top with a little more cream cheese.

5. Dip each filled roll in to the herb butter, grate Gruyere cheese on top of the rolls and finally top with more mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle some pepper.

6. Bake in a preheated oven at 170°C for 10 minutes give and take or until all the cheese have fully melted.

These rolls are best eaten straight out of the oven.



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