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Katsu Sando

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Katsu Sando

Sando is a reference to sandwich in Japan and Katsu means "cutlet". This recipe is super easy to prepare and requires no frying and messy kitchen. The tip to a fantastic Katsu Sando is using the Japanese panko crumb that are available in any Asian grocery.

The meat can be your preferred choice of chicken or pork. In this case, I have opted for pork chop.

This sandwich goes really well with the famous soft milk bread "Shokupan" and if you want to learn how to make the bread yourself, go check out my post on it Milk Bread Loaf.

Katsu Sando



1 cup Panko Crumb

2 tbs Oil

2 Pork Loin Chop ( 15mm to 20 mm thick)

1 tsp Dijon Mustard (per sandwich)

1/4 cup Sliced cabbage (per Sandwich)

1 tsp Unsalted butter Softened (per Sandwich)

4 - 5 tbsp Tonkatsu Sauce

1 Egg

1/4 cup Plain Flour

1/2 cup Corn Flour

Qs Salt

Qs Pepper

Shokupan bread slices.



Place the Panko Crumb over a skillet and drizzle with the oil, toss until golden.

Spread the golden crumbs on to a tray and set aside.

Mix the plain flour, corn flour, season with some salt and pepper and mix. Spread onto a plate or a flat tray.

Whisk the egg lightly on a separate plate.

Pound the pork chop to tenderise the meat. Dip each pork chop on the flour mixture then tap off excess flour. Dip the meat into the egg mixture then press it onto the crumbs until all areas are generously coated.

Place the crumbed meat on to a wire rack sitting over a tray then bake at 200°C in the oven for 20 minutes.


Spread the softened butter on one slice of the bread. On the other slice of bread, spread Dijon mustard over then top with the tonkatsu sauce and spread on top.

Slice the cabbage and place a handful on top of the buttered slice.

Once the pork is ready, place it on top of the cabbage, drizzle with more tonkatsu sauce on top of the meat then sandwich the meat with the mustard slice.

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Jan 07, 2022

This Looks Delicious!

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