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Indulge in the Sweet Simplicity: Classic Soft Vanilla Caramel Recipe

Updated: Jun 25


Equipment: 200mm x 200 mm square shallow baking tin

Sugar Thermometer or instant read thermometer


300 g Thickened Cream 35% Fat

100 g Full Cream Milk

100 g Unsalted Butter

200 g Caster Sugar

100 g Glucose Syrup

150 g Light compact Brown Sugar

1 tsp Vanilla Bean Paste



Preparation: Lightly grease a 200mm x 200 mm square baking tin and line with some parchment paper.

1. Place all the ingredients into a large heavy base pan starting with the milk and cream and bring the pot over medium heat and heat until all the sugar have dissolved and the butter are fully melted, stirring constantly but not vigorously to ensure that the butter are fully mixed through the sugar mixture.

2. Once all the ingredients are fully melted, increase the heat to high and continue to boil until it reaches 122°C without stirring.

When the mixture starts to boil, it will rise rapidly to the top. To ensure that it does not spill over, whisk the top part of the bubbles to dissipate them and as the bubble starts to settle, stop whisking. It is recommended that you have a large enough pot for the mixture. I am using a 200 mm diameter and 100mm depth heavy base pot.

3. Once the mixture reaches 122°C , turn off the heat. Transfer the caramel mixture into the prepared tin and leave at room temperature uncovered for 2 to 3 hours until it cools and hardens enough for cutting.

4. Once the caramel is ready, cut to individual pieces to your preferred size and shape and wrap in greased paper. Always cover the fudge in wrapping immediately after cutting to prevent it from moisture.

Note: As soon as you cut the caramel, wrap them in greased paper to prevent it from attracting moisture and deforming.


It is recommended to consume the caramel within 5 days from the day that they are made. Cut caramels should be wrapped immediately in greased paper and store in air tight container and in cool places.


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