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Green tea & Strawberry Mochi



This recipe makes 6 x mochi

Green Tea Mochi

100 g Glutinous Rice Flour

25 g Castor Sugar

150 g Water

10 Green Tea Powder

Strawberry & Red Bean Filling

200 g canned Red bean

1 tsp Wheat Starch

6 medium size strawberries

For home made red bean paste, visit my page on "Azuki Red Bean Paste".


50 g Cooked Wheat Starch


1. If you are using canned red bean paste that is slightly wet, prepare beforehand by cooking it on a non stick frying pan over low heat dusted with the wheat starch and stir to cook until it thickens in to a thick paste. Place a cling film touching at the top and cool in the fridge.

Portion the red bean to roughly around 25 g x 6 portions. Using the help of the cling film, place a drop of the red bean on to the film, then place a strawberry flat side down on top pressing it flat.

Fold the sides of the cling film to the top and mould until the red bean fully covers the sides and the bottom of the strawberries leaving the top uncovered. Twist the cling film to hold the fillings together then place in to the freezer to chill.

If you are chilling the filling over night, make sure you remove the strawberries still tightly covered in cling film and put in the fridge to defrost slightly. If you use it frozen, as the filling defrost it can cause condensation in the mochi and make the skins wet overtime.

2. Place the glutinous rice flour, sugar, water and green tea powder into a microwave bowl large enough for it to expand. With the help of a fork, whisk the ingredients until smooth.

Wrap the bowl very lightly with cling film over the top, place in to the microwave and microwave for 1 minute.

3. Remove the bowl from the microwave and remove the cling film, then mix the mochi skin slightly with the fork. At this point the mochi will still be slightly raw.

4. Lightly cover the top of the bowl with cling film, place it back in to the microwave and microwave for a further 90 minutes. Remove from the microwave and remove the cling film then use a fork to mix the skin until smooth.

5. Transfer the skin over a tray that has been dusted with cooked wheat starch added with some green tea powder.

6. Wearing a glove, dust your hands lightly with the dusting powder, gently press the mochi wrapper flat and stretch it lightly, then place the filling with the tip of the strawberry facing the center of the wrapper, fold the ends together and pinch the wrapper to seal, lightly roll the mochi balls on to the dusting and roll it in to a ball with the tip upright and the seal side at the bottom.


It is best to serve the mochi on the same day for best quality.


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