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#6 Sourdough - Potato & Rosemary

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

This is my #6 Sourdough and by far the most promising in flavor.

The sourdough below is a mix of White Bakers, Whole meal Spelt (sifted) and Whole Wheat Bakers. I have increased the hydration percentage (%) of the dough to 83% due to the mixture of flour being used. The aromatic of the rosemary when it is being baked in the oven adds so much savory-ness to the loaf with the potatoes included and it smells fantastic! I have even made French Onion soup to go with this loaf and the recipes are included below.


What have I done differently for #6 Sourdough?

In comparison to my precious sourdough breads, I have increased the hydration % and added some spelt flour purely for flavor. This is my first time incorporating pureed potatoes and it turned out great!

If you have read my #5 Sourdough, I have done the "Slap and Fold" technique in combination with the "Lamination" before the 3 Coil Folds to create more strength to my loaf. So far the crumb result was much better with more open crumbs in the interior.

I was not sure if omitting one of the technique would still give me that crumb interior as it did in #5 Sourdough. So, I have decided to omit the "lamination" part for this batch (#6 Sourdough). The interior still looks great though!

Let's Get Started!

The below makes 1 x 698 g mini loaf before baking


25 g Whole Wheat Ripe Starter

50 g Whole Wheat Flour

50 g Water

Dough Formula

173 g White Baker's Wheat Flour (65%)

48 g Whole Wheat Baker's Flour (18%)

45 g Spelt Flour (17%)

150 g Pureed Potatoes (2-3 Large) (56.25%)

4 g Chopped Rosemary (1.25%)

220 g Water (reserve 20g) (82%)

6.5 g Fine Salt (2.4%)

54 g Mature Levain (20%)

Total Hydration = 83%


Monday 8 pm Refresh Starter

(The night before)

I took out the starter from the fridge 3 hours to room temperature prior to feeding the starter.

The ratio I used was as follow:

25 Whole Wheat ripe Starter

65 g Whole Wheat Flour

35 g Water at 21°C

Mix the ingredients together in a air tight jar with a rubber band tied around the sides on the same level of the starter to monitor the yeast activity.

Leave at room temperature over night to mature. I left mine for 13 hours at room temperature in my kitchen standing at 24°C at 53% relative humidity. It was a pretty warm night here when I made this dough.

Tuesday 9 am Make Levain

25 g Whole Wheat Baker's Flour

50 g Whole Wheat Flour

50 g Water at 24°C

Mix the ingredients together and mark the level of the Levain to monitor activity. Leave to mature.

My room temperature was sitting at 24°C at 51% humidity at this point.

The maturing process took my Levain on the 5 hours mark.

Make Potato Puree

Meanwhile boil potatoes, skin off and that has been cut in to cubes. Strain the water then puree and leave it to cool. Set aside until ready to use.

Tuesday 12 pm Autolyze

2 hours before the Levain is estimated to be ready

Mix the water (reserving 20 g for incorporating later) and flours until there are no lumpy bits of flours.

Leave to autolyze for 2 hours.