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Sourdough Bread | Miso and Sesame Seeds

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Another virtual baking with my Sourdough Buddy Yuli! This week its sesame themed bread and I have just the thing that I thought may go really well with it: Miso :)

This post is for those that have a basic knowledge to sourdough baking. If you want to learn more about sourdough bread baking, visit my post on "Olive Sourdough Bread".




Yield: 2 x 730 g loaves

Duration : 2 Days


70 g Whole Wheat Baker's Flour

70 g White Baker's Flour

140 g Water at 24°C

140 g Active Starter

Note: When you are making fresh levain, make sure that you save some of the leftover starter and feed it for use in the future.

Final Dough

140 g 20% Whole Wheat Bakers Flour (12% Protein)

560 g 80% White Bakers Flour (Manitoba 14.5% Protein)

580 g 80% Water - reserve 20 g for later

175 g 25% Ripe Levain (All of the above levain)

14 g 2% Fine Salt


This inclusions is enough for two loaves

20 g Black Sesame Seeds

20 g White Sesame Seeds

150 g Room temp water - for soaking

80 g Red miso paste

86% hydration

Note: Depending on the type of flour that you are using, it is recommended that you add the water in increments and adjust if needed.



Saturday 6:30 am Prepare Levain & Soak Sesame Seeds

Mix all the ingredients from the Levain recipe together until well combined. Transfer them into a tub or a jar and tie a rubber band around the jar to monitor the growth of your Levain. The Ratio of the Levain used for this recipe is a 100% (meaning equal amount of flours to water) and should take approximately 4 to 6 hours for it to fully triple in volume.

Meanwhile, in a separate bowl, combine the sesame seeds with the 150 g room temperature water and leave to soak until the Levain is ready. Strain the seeds from the water before including into the final dough.


10:30 am Autolyze dough

3 hours later

An hour before the Levain is estimated to be ready, autolyze the dough by combining the flour and water (reserving 20 g) and mix until they form in to a shaggy dough. Cover and leave at room temperature until the Levain is ready. The water used is at 34°C for me since when I was making the dough, it was a rather cold morning. If you are making this dough during summer, you will need to work out the right temperature for the water. The formula for calculating water temperature is below.

Note: If the Levain is not ready in an hour's time from now, it is completely fine to keep the dough autolyzing until it is ready. Do not start mixing the dough until the Levain is ready.

To calculate Final Dough temperature

Desired Dough temperature (DDT) = 24°C

DDT x 4 - (flour tempt + Starter Temp + Friction + Room Temp)

Water Temperature = 24°C x 4 - (21°C (Flour) + 21°C (Starter) + 0 + 20°C RT)

= 96°C - 62°C

Water Temperature = 34°C