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Cn Chocolatier Online Store

Be that child in the candy store again

Hi everyone, 


Apart from the love of pastry and baking, Cn Chocolaterie and Patisserie is a little side project that I do to share my product to the public. The online Store provides a range of goodies such as Cn's Chocolate Bar made from Fine Belgium Coverture Chocolate in so many different varatiations, gift boxes of chocolate bonbons. Don't miss out of Cn's Chewy Caramel made from real fruit puress and do not contain any artificicial colouring. 

Cn's Chocolaterie also provides customised illustrated chocolate bar packaging perfect for favours at weddings or simply a personalised gift for someone you care about. 


The concept of this online store is all about having lots of fun and feeling like a child again with all the colourful and fun images but at the same time preserving the best quality of ingredients used in the product. There is no compromise in quality and we believe that if you want to indulge, at least indulge in the good stuff. 



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